Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

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Air conditioning, heating, and more can raise your energy bill and Florida consistently ranks amongst the highest average energy bills in the country. Energy-saving home improvements can help your home be more efficient and save money on your monthly bills. FAST of Florida has been providing HVAC, plumbing, and electrical support to the residents of West Central Florida for 50 years. In that time, our service professionals have acquired plenty of tips to pass along to help you save energy (and money).

What is an Average Energy Bill in Florida?

In 2021, the average cost to Floridians per month was $130.40, according to the Energy Information Agency. Early estimates also indicate that this number will continue to rise as the cost of natural gas, which many Florida home use to generate their electricity, increases. Because Florida temperatures remain higher year-round than most of the country, air conditioners are also employed longer throughout the year.

How To Save On Your Electric Bill in Florida

Everyone knows of the drain that air conditioning has on your energy bill, but there are other culprits resulting in higher bills each month. If you’re looking for some ways to reduce your energy usage, try out some of these tips:

Turn Up Your Thermostat When You Leave

Heating and cooling your home when you aren’t there can result in raising your bill. Turning your thermostat to 82 when you leave will help reduce the amount of energy your home uses. Even when you’re home, keeping your thermostat at a higher temperature and using fans can keep your home cool without relying too heavily on your air conditioning.

Hang Laundry Outside

When the weather allows, hang laundry outside. Dryers, especially older models, sometimes over-dry your clothing, meaning that they use more energy than they need to. If you don’t have a sensor dry setting on your dryer, try to hang dry laundry.

Avoid Oven Use When You Can

When the oven warms your food, it also warms your house. This can trigger you’re A/C to work harder. When possible, use a microwave or toaster oven. Not only will they produce less heat overall, but they also use less energy on their own.

Clean And Replace Air Filters

Throughout your HVAC system are air filters that need to be replaced regularly. As your filters get clogged, more energy is required to push air through your home. Cleaning and replacing these filters is an easy step to take that can result in savings.

Run Appliances in the Evening

When you run appliances, they create heat. If you run them during the heat of the day, your A/C will work harder to keep your home cool. Waiting until cooler night times can reduce overall energy use.

Upgrade HVAC Systems

Saving energy at home sometimes means that you’ll need to replace your HVAC system. Older HVAC systems weren’t designed to be as energy efficient as modern systems. Not only will a newer system save you money in the long run, but you can also lessen your environmental impact. Although you’ll be able to implement a lot of these tips on your own, make sure that your new system is properly installed by contacting professionals to handle the installation.

Trust FAST of Florida for your HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Services

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