Signs Your Drains Need A Quick Cleaning For The New Year

Photo of a sink drain

It still feels weird to be in 2022, but here we are, and let’s start the new year right by taking a look at your drains! What better way to feel productive than making sure your drains are cleaned and avoiding having a home with awful smelling sinks. Here are some signs that you can spot and let you know that your drains need a good cleaning.

Bad Smelling Drains

The most common sign your drains need cleaning is, you guessed it, a foul smell. If you take care of your home, you may be surprised that your bathroom smells despite regular cleaning.

Smelly drains can be annoying because there may be no issues with your drain when water goes down, but that smell can be unbearable. Foul-smelling drains are often caused by clogs or build-up of grease, hair, or other organic material that gets caught on the side of your drains.

Clogs Galore

Drains that seem to take forever to empty water can signify that you have a clogged drain. Clogs come and go, but if you have frequent clogs, then you need professional help. Blockages can get lodged deep in your drains, making it difficult for a simple drain snake to fish out the clog. In some cases, like in kitchen sinks, grease and oil build-up can cause clogs that are difficult to get rid of with DIY solutions.

Noisy Drain

Drains are no stranger to odd sounds when they need a cleaning. Try to spot the sounds of gurgling or bubbling water near your drains. Weird sounds can be the signs that a clog has formed in your drain.

Water Leaks

With clogs and poor drainage, a dirty drain can do more than make your home smell terrible. When a drain fails to move water, water backup issues can lead to leaks in nearby fixtures that can be costly. In some cases, poor drainage can lead to water flowing back through your plumbing, causing your pipes to be strained, and over time lead to pipe leaks across your home.

Not only can these pipe leaks damage furniture or appliances, but water damage can form in your walls. So you’re looking at potential water damage repairs and hefty bills for a pipe replacement.

What Do I Do?

Before you reach for that liquid drain cleaner, pick up the phone and call (727) 273-7810 instead. Liquid drain cleaner can corrode your pipes and do more harm than good. At FAST of Florida we know how to help clean your drains while also making sure your plumbing stays intact. Call our props today, and we will be happy to help you with all your plumbing needs!