Clogged Toilet: What To Do When No Plumber Is Near

high angle photo of a toilet and sink

Clogged toilets can spoil the mood in any home, and nobody likes trying to deal with the headache of unclogging a toilet. While the easiest solution is to call a plumber and not brag, our team is excellent at fixing those annoying clogs; what happens if you cannot get a hold of a plumber urgently? Well, thankfully, for you, here are some quick DIY tips to help deal with a clogged toilet no matter the day.

Choosing The Right Plunger

We know it may seem obvious to reach for a plunger when you have a clog, but did you know that you might be using the wrong plunger for the job? Your best bet for toilet clogs is using a flange plunger, not a cup plunger.

Flange plungers help create a much better seal in your toilet drains than cup plungers, which help generate more force to push out blockages. When using your plunger, remember not to be too forceful to avoid splashing unwanted toilet water around your bathroom.

Water And Soap

Sometimes, homeowners can face toilet clogs out of the blue and seem confused about reaching for the plunger. If you want to help loosen up potential clogs down your drain without reaching for that plunger just yet, get some hot water and your favorite dish soap.

Pour the hot water into the toilet bowl, be careful not to overflow your toilet, then pour about half a cup of dish soap. Let the soap solution sit in your toilet bowl for about half an hour. Hopefully, the soap mixture can help loosen the clog, allowing your toilet to flush again.

Good Ol’ Bleach

We know many homeowners that love to reach for drain cleaners at the sight of a clog, and we have to tell you that is not a great idea. Drain cleaners, when misused, can cause more harm than good by damaging the lining of your pipes. Avoid damaging your plumbing and opt-in for some bleach.

Bleach poured into your toilet bowl can help break down clogs, like the soap method above, and loosen clogs. Try to use roughly a cup to two cups of bleach and wait up to 30 minutes before checking to see if the clog is eliminated.

Knowing When To Throw In The Towel

Often, minor clogs can be eliminated quickly using these solutions together or on their own, but if you notice the clog keeps coming back or never leaves, give our team a call.

At FAST of Florida we can help get to the root cause of your clogged drains, so when you call (727) 273-7810 today, our plumbers will get your toilet flushing not just for a short time but for a long time.